Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Immovable Object vs. The Unstoppable Force

The Immovable Object is (hopefully) the Michigan Offensive Line vs. the Unstoppable Force whom is CMU's Dan Bauzin (pictured at right) who led the nation last year with 26.5 tackles-for-loss including 16 sacks. Bauzin was the Mid-American Conference Player of the Year last season. Last week the right side of the Michigan offensive line (Right Guard Alex Mitchell and Right Tackle Rueben Riley, Jr.) experienced a lot of difficulty on passing plays which does not bode well for Chad Henne this Saturday. However, despite those difficulties in pass protection, Henne was only sacked once last week vs. Vanderbilt for a nine-yard loss. Bauzin is looking to exploit the pass protection weaknesses of the Michigan O-Line and disrupt the flow of the Michigan passing attack by flushing Henne from the pocket. The scouting report on Henne is that once he is flushed from the pocket that he will simply tuck the ball in and run with it rather than make a throw on the run. Thus, if Bauzin and CMU can keep Henne from settling in and making throws from the pocket, it could be another long day for the Michigan passing game. However, Michigan may not simply be able to keep the ball on the ground. CMU has a tough run defense and it only yielded 85 rushing yards in its season opener vs. Boston College. Thus, it will be imperative that Michigan get some sort of aerial attack going to keep the lanes open for the rushing game. The pressure will be on the O-Line to step up and keep the All-MAC Bauzin from blowing up the Wolverines' offensive game plan. Go Blue!


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